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Accepted by State and Federal Courts since 1995.  


All credit damage services described herein are equally available for Defense or Plaintiff.

Personal Consultations

  • Initial telephone Contact: Up to 15 minutes at no charge.
  • Telephone by appointment with a one hour fee minimum
  • In Person, by appointment with a two hour fee minimum, including travel time, any out-of-pocket expenses related to the consultation are pre-paid by the client

Preliminary Credit Damage Analysis

This analysis is provided for increased efficiency and cost containment. This preliminary level of evaluation is not prepared for forensic use. It may be useful to reveal the practicality of retaining an expert witness regarding credit reputation damage. It can be very useful in providing an indication of possible value of the damage for settlement negotiation purposes.

Forensic / Final Credit Damage Measurement Report (CDMR)

This comprehensive written report is provided to be presented to the court/arbitrator as the basis for a damage compensation demand. This report addresses the appropriate aspects of economic damage including but not limited to increased out-of-pocket costs, loss of credit capacity, loss of credit expectancy includes the foundational documentation and valuation of each aspect of economic damage.

Re-Examine Opposing Expert’s Testimony/Report

This service will reexamine the findings of an opposing expert testimony/report.

Expert Witness Designation

This formalization of retention by counsel/client of the expert is required at any point for notification to opposing counsel or judge/arbitrator that I am or may be consulted or retained. It is not necessary to designate me to retain my services. It is necessary for my name to be confidential or private prior to my agreement for designation.

Expert Witness Testimony

Deposition Service available with proper notice and no scheduling conflict, with appropriate out-of-pocket costs prepaid. Court or arbitration Testimony is available as per the retainer agreement and provides an expert testimony from a credit damage evaluator.

Webinars/Seminars with Model Forms

Video MCLE accepted or non-MCLE presentations available for staff education, including non-lawyer staff. The purpose of this education is to increase staff recognition of the requirements of including credit damage in a more inclusive economic damage demand.

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